8 Steps to Building an Engaging Business Continuity Management Culture

Business continuity is vital to the health and well-being of every company. Because of that, business continuity management professionals today are striving for a new level of engagement within their organizations. They want to go beyond managing a business continuity program to building an enterprise-wide business continuity culture – a culture that engages everyone from the CEO to part-time employees.

Broadly speaking, “culture” refers to the attitudes and behaviors of a group of people. It is the way people habitually conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis. Moving from the general to the specific, a business continuty culture can be defined as people’s all-in commitment to develop and continue to improve business processes and strategies in ways that are aligned with the reality of continuity risk. In such an environment, everybody in the company is pulling together to achieve a common goal: that being the resilience – and therefore the success – of the organization.

This is a tall order. It requires a significant change in how business continuty is approached and how its value proposition is communicated within the organization. The good news is, you as a professional can build an enterprise-wide culture by taking eight clearly-defined steps.

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