The Rising Uptake of ISO 22301 Standard, Why?

Posted on: July 4, 2019
Author: Faye Leo

Content businesswomanThe ISO 22301 is the international standard that helps organisations to protect against and recover from disruptive incidences when they happen. It provides a systematic approach to business continuity management. Essentially, ISO 22301 is about creating your business continuity programme, or what some may call your “business continuity management system.” This is designed to protect your business, your reputation, and to minimise financial loss in the case of an incident.

The standard is also industry agnostic and is applicable to any sized organisation. You can focus on alignment or certification of a selected part of the organisation. Hence, a specific site or operation for example. This makes the adoption of this standard easier.

The most obvious purpose of business continuity management can hardly be overstated. Thousands of businesses have saved time and money by getting back up and running quickly after a disruption. Some even owe their survival to it, so you can understand why the uptake of alignment to the standard is increasing.

In today’s fast-moving world, we see many threats from which we need to protect ourselves. This ranges from extreme weather, cyber-crime, terrorism, and complex supply chains. All of the aforementioned put demands on businesses to ensure that they have robust and resilient programmes in place to quickly recover from any kind of threat. Many see that having a systematic approach to business continuity management, which the ISO 22301 offers, provides the reassurance that their business is protected, reputation secured, and minimal financial loss in the case of an incident. Many see this standard as security that ensures that their business will not steer off course by the unexpected.

It is more commonplace that there are strict guidelines on business continuity management for vendor management. The ISO is a great stamp of approval that puts organisations at a competitive advantage and this differentiates you from your competitors.

Some of the main drivers for the uptake are to:

  • Strengthen your organization’s reputation
  • Create or mature your business continuity programme
  • Align to an internationally recognized standard
  • Identify gaps in your business continuity programme

We know that there is a growing uptake, but how can you translate this to ensure that your programme is ready and following the best practice? For more information, please view our joint webinar with Everbridge.

You will learn about:

  • The importance of building your internal BCMS
  • Aligning guidance to this
  • Simplifying the effort of your documentation to support this standard
  • The use of a relational database
  • Gap analysis and key quick communication at the time of an incident

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