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Posted on: June 14, 2021

Fusion Risk Management Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ for Business Continuity Management SoftwareForrester recently released new research covering the Business Continuity Management Software market with The Forrester Wave™ for Business Continuity Management Software, Q2 2021.

In the report, Forrester identified the 11 most significant business continuity management software providers and researched, analyzed, and scored them. Forrester recommends a few key areas for software buyers to consider including looking for business continuity management software providers that:

  1. Provide superior plan creation and testing functionality that helps you continuously improve by tracking test progress and outcomes that turn action items into managed remediation plans.
  2. Provide differentiated incident management with geomapping of your organization’s assets, dashboards that help to visualize situational data, and automated incident processes that suggest plans and assets include based on proximity to the event and other related information.
  3. Fully leverage a data-driven system that is built to do more than just create static plans with basic efficiency gains, but goes beyond to automate tasks away, and analyze and suggest improvements around critical paths, dependencies, and single points of failure.

Not only was Fusion named the leader, but we received the highest scores in all three separate scoring categories of Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence (tied). In Fusion’s vendor profile, Forrester noted:

  1. The blend of a strong vision to digitally represent your business paired with solid BCM functionality At Fusion, we consider business continuity management a vital process in documenting how your business works so you can visualize where opportunities lie and act in situations even when you don’t have a specific plan because you understand how things work and have tools to explore impacts in real-time. While you cannot plan for everything, Fusion helps you be ready for anything.
  2. Creating BIAs, creating and testing plans, and performing crisis management — fuels this leading solution – Our core strengths are coupled with our vision for tying all aspects of operational resilience under one umbrella. With Fusion, you get leading business continuity management capabilities, bar none, which then become the strongest foundation for operational resilience. This allows you to start to transition from departmental-focused continuity practices to a cross-departmental resilience approach. This approach puts the customer at the center by understanding your business, prioritizing your commitments to customers, and breaking down silos to test the delivery of your critical business services that customers rely on you to continue to deliver.
  3. All continuity and risk solutions are included for every Fusion Framework System Our philosophy is to make all aspects of risk and resilience available through one platform so that you can break down silos when you are ready without needing to purchase new modules. The building blocks of operational resilience are available to all Fusion customers and include IT Disaster Recovery Services, Crisis Management, Operational Risk Management, and Third-Party Risk Management, as well as the top platform for integrating with your existing data sources to give you a complete perspective wherever your data sits.
  4. Alternate visualizations such as the graphical view of dependencies and the timeline graphic to manage incidents and tests were unique We know you cannot plan for everything. So having tools that can allow you to understand any situation even when you have not planned for it is critical. When the pandemic hit, many Fusion customers who had not specifically planned for a global pandemic were able to determine real-time plans of action based on understanding what was most critical and what dependencies existed down to assets and vendors that were required to make things work. The Fusion Framework is not just a planning tool, but it is a real-time system for managing your business.

Whether you are just getting started on the path of your first business continuity management software decision or you are a seasoned veteran experienced in a variety of solutions, we hope to get the opportunity to show you how Fusion is the right solution for you. Start with the leading solution for building your business continuity program and have confidence that you can grow when ready into a complete operational resilience solution. Be ready to support executive demands for information that require breaking down silos. Adapt easily to regulations as they evolve.

We are sure you will find the Fusion Framework a platform that you will never outgrow but which will always flex to your needs. Let Fusion be your guide on your resilience journey. We also look forward to working with Forrester as they continue their coverage of the areas that are critical to operational resilience.

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Download The Forrester Wave™: Business Continuity Management Software, Q2 2021 report to compare top vendors across 31 detailed criteria and make an informed decision on building your shortlist.