Introducing Fusion’s Dynamic Response Console

Posted on: November 4, 2021
Author: Product Marketing Team

Disruption is becoming business as usual

Whether it’s supplier challenges, extreme weather, an unplanned outage, or an increased threat of cyberattacks, it seems the next disruption is just around the corner. It is more critical than ever to ensure your team is prepared to effectively respond to the upstream and downstream impacts that disruption can cause across your organization.

However, sometimes that is easier said than done. What happens when a hurricane causes damage to an entire region, causing several sites to go down along with unplanned network outages? How do you recover all sites and applications as quickly and efficiently as possible? Which aspects are most critical and need to be recovered first? How many different crisis management plans need to be activated, and in what order?

Activate the right response when it matters most with Dynamic Response Console

Fusion is introducing new capabilities to help users solve those challenges and empower your teams to mobilize the right response quickly to prevent disruption from escalating to disaster. Dynamic Response Console will streamline response and recovery by automating the compilation of hundreds of plans, ultimately simplifying planning efforts by over 90%. This new functionality enables users to improve strategic decision-making, adjust strategies in real-time as the situation evolves, and recover critical assets in the correct sequence.

Generate Response

Clearly identify applications, departments, and more that need to be recovered in a disruptive event and generate responses based on foundational data in Fusion.

Dynamic Response Console Screenshot

Review & Edit Response

Uncover gaps and dependencies and modify the sequence of responses so the most critical sites, applications, and departments are recovered first.

Review and edit response screenshot

Activate Response

Facilitate action supported by scenario-based, dynamically built responses, bringing to life all of the information previously gathered in plans in a more efficient way.

Active response screenshot

Get Started with Dynamic Response Console

Leave static incident management plans behind and leverage a data-driven approach to response planning. Please contact your Account Manager to learn more about how to start using Dynamic Response Console.