Introducing Fusion Analytics

Posted on: June 23, 2021
Author: Paula Fontana

Big things are happening in risk and resilience, driven by emerging threats, new ambiguities, and the accelerating pace of change.

The events of the last year were so universal, nearly 80% of companies reported being negatively impacted by the crisis, as compared to a year ago.

The 20% that bounced back stronger than ever had the following characteristics*:

  1. Well-practiced protocols they could call into action, flexibly
  2. Exhibited well-honed cultures of experimentation and innovation
  3. Tailored their actions in line with data about the operating environment and internal operations

Driven by the events of the last year, and amplified by increasing regulatory and standards expectations, leaders are making significant, enterprise-wide pivots in scaling the resiliency of their operations.

In collaboration with our user community, Fusion is leading a revolution in risk and resilience. No two crises are the same, and the ways in which companies experience crisis is markedly different, requiring an intelligent and agile response.

Upon the success of our global customer summit Solutions21, we are thrilled to announce Fusion Analytics, Fusion’s deeply embedded version of Salesforce Tableau CRM. Fusion Analytics is the next step in the evolution of Fusion’s insights foundation, providing better ways of integrating data, producing insight, and delivering decision experiences to the teams responsible for leading their companies on the path to a brighter and more resilient future.

Easier Ways of Integrating

Your Business on a Single Screen

sfdc-einstein-analytics-overview-products-unifying-on-one-platform (3)

Connect the dots between your organization and ecosystem. Create simplicity out of complexity by integrating data about the delivery of important services  –  and the people, process, places, third parties, data, and systems that support them. Fusion Analytics provides a vast library of hundreds of pre-built connectors, including common integrations such as Snowflake, Informatica, and more that allow for many forms of mitigation such as vendor risk management to be practiced.

Business Intelligence Designed by You

Put the Power of AI Models, Dashboards, and More in the Hands of Your Business Userssfdc-einstein-analytics-overview-products-build-with-clicks (1)Your data needs change every day. Harvard Business Review estimated in 2020 that the average dashboard takes 4-5 days to produce**.

According to that same study:

  • 84% of first line workers report a poor experience with current dashboards and data experiences, with 86% reporting a need for better insights technology
  • 67% of executives are not comfortable accessing or using data from their existing tools and resources

Dashboards are only part of the solution. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of enterprise data goes untapped, with 50% of data analysts stating that their data is growing faster than their organization’s ability to keep up***.

Don’t leave your business users waiting at the gate. Create advanced experiences quickly by using easily customizable templates, third-party apps, or custom-built dashboards. Give users access to explore the data necessary to respond to changing business conditions while they’re happening, in a way that feels natural and intuitive.

Natural language query analytics

Empower the Front Line to the Boardroom

Enhanced Visualizations That Inspire Action

Firm-wide risks analytics

Inform. Understand. Decide. Respond.

Uncover risks and opportunities, predict outcomes, and prescribe the best action. Automatically find simple answers to complex business questions leveraging the data that lives dormant about your enterprise.

Learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what to do about it with visualizations that engage every member of your organization. The Fusion Analytics library of visualization templates makes it easy to create dynamic data representations. Harness the power of templates including heat maps, geo maps, timeline, radar, tree maps, and more.

More Flexibility and Processing Power

A Single Source of Truth in One Unified System

Fusion AnalyticsCapture up to 1 billion rows from disparate source systems with greater scale and processing than ever before.

Join dozens of columns from different objects into a single data set that makes complex connections across your data.

Help your business users find answers to questions quickly with preset filters to refine data across charts and searches.

Provide an internal search interface that makes risk insights more accessible than ever. Empower your users with tools that allow them to intuitively navigate data, leveraging natural language querying and guided discovery capabilities.

Predictive and Prescriptive

Frictionless Continuous Learning That Puts Your Team Ahead of the Curve

Analytics overview on multiple devicesFacing new levels of global risk and ambiguity, companies are turning to improved risk sensing to fuel better response and avoid disruption.

Many teams are focused on more agile ways of working, with a focus on more dynamic preparation of a library of incident management plans that can be called into action at a moment’s notice.

In order to surface the important risks, make sense out of complexity, predict what is coming, and assimilate the best response quickly, leading companies are increasingly moving from descriptive ways of reporting (retrospective) to more diagnostic, predictive, and ultimately, prescriptive insight.

Maturity model: sophistication of analytics vs business value

Fusion Analytics takes previously static and backward-looking reports and dashboards into a real-time and future-state view of your enterprise.

Together with the Fusion platform, these new insights power the ability to:

  • Collaborate virtually
  • Intake situational intelligence and simulate conditions quickly
  • Understand what-if scenarios clearly
  • Predict results more accurately

Fusion Analytics provides dynamic runbooks to your team when it matters, where it matters.

The Journey to Risk-Aware and Resilient Operations

Whether you are just getting started or are well into your risk and resilience transformation program, technology can be an essential tool in making your plans actionable and scalable.

Contact us to learn more about how Fusion Analytics can help you build a brighter, more resilient future for your organization, or check out this video from Fusion’s annual Solutions conference which highlights how Fusion Analytics can help you build a more data-driven enterprise.

Let’s Build the Future of Resilience Together

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**The New Decision Makers: Equipping Frontline Workers for Success, Harvard Business Review, 2020

***“What’s your data worth: How mature data strategies dramatically improve bottom-line outcomes”, Enterprise Strategy Group, 2020