Giving Back is the Most Important Holiday Gift of All

Posted on: December 18, 2019
Author: Antonina Neva

Illustrated hands raisedAlthough “corporate philanthropy” may seem like a buzz phrase as of late, the concept lives up to its hype. Not only is corporate giving an important aspect of having pride in where you work, it also functions as the glue that keeps a company’s people and culture together. Reaching out to the wider global community through charity programs cultivates connection between peers, provides positive corporate visibility, and brings variety and energy to what might otherwise be a routine workday. During the holidays it’s especially important to feel part of the altruistic spirit of the season.

According to “The Ultimate List of Charitable Giving Statistics For 2018” from Nonprofits Source, here are some statistical points about participating in corporate philanthropy:

  • 88% of millennials find their job more fulfilling when they have opportunities to make a positive impact on society and the environment.
  • Corporate giving in 2017 increased to $20.77 billion—an 8.0% increase from 2016.
  • People who volunteer report that they feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.
  • 92% of surveyed corporate human resources executives agree that contributing business skills and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to improve employees’ leadership and broader professional skill sets.
  • 82% of the survey respondents say employees want the opportunity to volunteer with peers in a corporate-supported event

Philanthropic endeavors brighten the lives of both the recipients and givers. They are ideal opportunities for a company to work as a team and cultivate experiences that transcend profit and instead focus on our common humanity thereby cementing the cohesion of the entire organization.

Fusion Cares

Fusion Cares is a structured corporate volunteer program that donates Fusion’s time and resources to nonprofit charities and causes, generating camaraderie through acts of service and empowering Fusion employees to further their own philanthropic endeavors. Fusion Cares realizes the importance of fostering connection between peers and focuses on having fun with a purpose and working together for a good cause.

With the various projects we adopt, we hope to make communities around us better and spread joy during the cold holiday season and throughout the year. Fusion also rewards its employees with giving back to our communities by providing organized group activities, paid time off for employees to volunteer, and a donation to a 501(c)(3) organization of choice once a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer time has been completed.

Fusion Cares had a splendidly charitable and productive 2019! A few highlights:

  • In July and November, we sewed and stuffed dozens of bears through OSO to help the women of Zone 3 in Guatemala fight poverty.
  • In August, through Feed My Starving Children, our 20 volunteers packed 44 boxes of lentil MannaPacks, for a total of 9,655 meals.
  • In October, Fusionites spent half a day cleaning up Clark Park and removed 15.2 lbs of trash.
  • In December, we painted tiles to create encouraging and positive artwork for WINGS Safe House families.
  • For the holidays, every single gift tag request provided by WINGS was snatched up and over 60 gifts were lovingly provided for families in need.

Giving back is a core value at Fusion and has been ingrained into our culture. The enthusiasm and dedication of the Fusion family and generous mindset of Fusion has made all this possible.

Learn more about Fusion Cares!

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