Fusion’s Product Innovations for Winter 2021

Posted on: December 9, 2021

At Fusion, we remain focused on developing and enhancing risk management software that puts customer experience at the forefront of innovation.

Today marks another exciting milestone in that journey: Fusion’s Winter Release. In this blog, we detail the latest innovations to Fusion’s operational resilience platform. These new enhancements make the Fusion platform even easier to use, enhance visualization capabilities, and automate manual tasks for users.

Navigate Your Operations with Ease with new Relationship Map Options

Building more resilient operations is better when it’s visual, and Fusion’s Relationship Map visualization just got an upgrade. In this release, we’re introducing new options that provide users with more flexibility for customization and enhanced visualizations so you can make important connections between critical assets, services, and processes.

  • Configurable Icons – Configurable icons help users clearly distinguish between sites, processes, and applications.
  • Node Colors – Differentiating node colors convey distinct levels of risk and impact so you can focus on the most urgent risks at hand.
  • Layout – Adjust the default layout of the Relationship Map to best represent the direction of the relationships in your organization.

December 2021 Relationship Map

Simplify Sharing Permissions with Advanced Record Sharing

Record sharing can quickly become complex within large and diverse organizations. When hundreds or thousands of employees have access to Fusion, how can you be sure they all have appropriate permissions to access everything they need in the system?

Fusion is launching a new capability that automates the manual effort of record sharing and simplifies the process of assigning work, plans, and ownership to the appropriate user. Through simplified user record sharing, you can ensure that the correct permissions are applied and users are accessing only the pertinent information required for their role.

December 2021 Record Sharing

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