Fusion’s Product Innovations for Summer 2021  

Posted on: August 26, 2021
Author: Product Marketing Team

At Fusion, we continue to take a customer-centric approach to innovation and are creating inventive technology to better serve the needs of our customers.

Today marks another exciting milestone in that journey: Fusion’s Summer 2021 release. In this blog, we detail the latest innovations to Fusion’s operational resilience platform. These new features make Fusion’s risk management software even more powerful.

We’ve grouped these new features into three areas: platform, emerging products, and continuity enhancements. Join us at Fusion’s Product Showcase in October to hear more about these features and our newest innovations at Fusion.


Introducing new enhancements to the Relationship Map

As Fusion continuously iterates on new functionality, we’re bringing users new upgrades to a feature introduced in our May release, the Relationship Map.

Product Innovation: Relationship Map

The Relationship Map empowers users to visualize how people, processes, places, systems, and third parties are interconnected to deliver critical services and products to customers. We’re making the Relationship Map easier to configure, customize, and share vital information from. Take a look at a few key enhancements: 

  • Users can now embed Relationship Map inside a flow to view relationships and dependencies beyond the current plan to see how sites, processes, systems, and people are affected by an outage
  • Simply click a node to view additional data pertaining to each record and edit specific fields
  • Easily export Relationship Map images to share with stakeholders in reporting and presentations
  • Easily adjust the spacing between nodes to display the information in the clearest way

The Relationship Map can be used standalone or in tandem with the Visual Relationship Browser to confidently anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and learn from risks and disruption impacting the enterprise.

Keep up with critical changes to the way products and services are delivered with Automatic Dependency Updates

Business operations are always changing. Keeping an up-to-date perspective on how business really gets done can be cumbersome.

Fusion is introducing new capability that removes the manual work from adding, updating, or removing critical dependencies. When a change is made to a process or asset that impacts a dependency, Fusion automatically propagates that change across the service. This change allows you to add, remove, and reassess the criticality of dependencies with only a few clicks.

Continuity Enhancements

Easily connect sites, plans, and IT assets

Fusion is further embracing our integrated approach to resiliency and facilitating easier ways for users to build unified disaster recovery strategies to adapt to evolving challenges and protect organizations from the adverse effects of disruption. These new capabilities will allow users to connect sites, plans, and assets and enable organizations to resume critical operations faster. Fusion will continue to evolve this functionality into some exciting new features coming this fall.

These new features and enhancements will be available August 26, 2021. Features may require additional setup and configuration. Please contact your account manager to learn more.