Building for a Changing Face of Risk and Resilience

Posted on: March 1, 2021
Author: Paula Fontana

Highlights from Fusion’s Innovation Survey!

Blurry lights from cars in roadNever before has risk and resilience been such a key priority globally.

We live in an era of unprecedented volatility, the aftereffects of the pandemic destabilizing a previously (somewhat) predictable risk landscape. Never before has an event had such globally far-reaching implications: health and safety, global decentralization of the workforce, new levels of civil and political unrest, third-party disruption, data and cyber threats, conduct risk, and fraud.

Coupled with accelerating digitalization, emerging technologies seeding previously unforeseen risks, and the resounding alarm of climate risk, operational risk is evolving at an unprecedented rate.

Without a doubt, the rear-view perspective of 2020 is shaping a new vision of operational norms.

With this in mind, the Fusion team surveyed our community of users late in 2020, seeking insight on the changing face of risk and resilience from those on the front lines of keeping the lights on for the customers of today, while building for the customers of tomorrow.

Here is what we learned from the Fusion Community, representing more than 300 of the world’s most trusted organizations:

  1. Risk and resilience leaders are seeking benchmark best practices and want to learn what works from others on like journeys.
  2. Teams are challenged in navigating the complex matrix of regulatory requirements, synthesizing a perspective that weaves with their own operational ingenuity, and managing change effectively.
  3. Leading firms are blending operational intelligence, risk analytics, and scenarios, driving data-informed agility.

Fusion’s next phase 2021+

Experts are predicting:

  • Sustained volatility, requiring a renewed focus on risk-led resilience.
  • Business continuity as a horizontal, ‘community led’ capability, not a vertical function.
  • Continued integration of traditional risk and resilience functions with business and leadership.
  • New ways to effectively leverage experiences into scenario analysis.
  • Increased blending of operational risk models, historical business continuity data, and scenarios.

Imagine having a full picture of your business operation through the changing face of risk and resilience

How Fusion is responding:

  1. Delivering beyond benchmarking: We are codifying 2020 lessons learned in the form of turnkey business logic, insights, and tools and combining with industry-leading configurability.
  2. Reimagining compliance as an integrated function of risk and resilience: Fusion is linking compliance insights and regulatory requirements to your operation, allowing teams to stay ahead of the regulatory curve and translate expectations into meaningful action.
  3. Delivering the ‘operation’ in operational resilience: Fusion is delivering the next generation of intelligent and adaptive risk and business continuity planning solutions that keep your business in business. Sequence your actions based on dependency and what-if analysis, not static plans. Help each member of your team stay connected to risks with new personalized insights and experiences tailored for everyone  ─  from the front line to the board room.

Removing friction and building agility through the changing face of risk and resilience

Fusion is reinventing risk and resilience technology for a world transformed, harnessing the people, the process, the data, and the systems you have today to power a more resilient world tomorrow.

Get ready for a better way of navigating risk with the changing face of risk and resilience

The journey to risk-aware and resilient operations

Whether you are just getting started or are well into your risk and resilience transformation program, technology can be an essential tool in making your plans actionable and scalable.

Contact us to learn more about how Fusion can help you build a more resilient operation or check out our upcoming product showcase which highlights how Fusion’s purpose-built operational resilience framework can help you build a more risk-aware and resilient enterprise.

Let’s build the future of resilience together

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