Podcast: PandemicBuzz with Bob Sibik

By: Bob Sibik, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder

May 19, 2020 in Crisis Management, Risk Management

PandemicBuzz with Fusion’s SVP and Co-Founder Bob Sibik

In this podcast, PandemicBuzz interviews SVP and Co-Founder Bob Sibik. Bob discusses:

  • Site readiness
  • The challenges true capacity planning presents
  • How a new movement called de-densification will thrive in order to instill confidence in employees in safe workplaces
  • How the future is about delivering the ‘outcome’ to your clients – and not about ‘recovering the process’
  • The trend towards consequence-oriented plans versus scenario-based plans
  • How the pandemic is serving as an age of leadership enlightenment where the practices of providing inspiration and support to the human spirit are being recast