Victor Fricas

Executive Advisor and Co-Founder

As co-founder and COO, Victor Fricas is responsible for the leadership and management of service delivery, finance and accounting, legal, business operations, information technology, and information security. He is also a source and strong proponent of the Fusion culture.

With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, technology services, consulting, and software, Vic has helped build a corporate culture of commitment and success.

“When we started Fusion, all we had were our ideas, commitment, energy, and passion to build a company that would transform our industry. Empowering employees in their roles and watching them grow to be future leaders at Fusion and beyond has been personally rewarding. I hope that everyone who works at Fusion will ultimately feel like it was the best experience of their working careers.”

This barbecue king loves cooking outdoors in his outdoor kitchen to exercise his passion for grilling.

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