Emergency Notification Connectors

Combine your ENS with the Fusion Framework® Systemto drive accurate, up-to-the-minute communication during times of crisis. Improve response time by having the right information when you need it most.

emergency notification system

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manage emergency notifications from one location


  • Continuous synchronization of information between both the Fusion Framework System and your ENS
  • Organize and manage emergency notifications from one location
  • Gain an overall view of incidents with the Fusion Framework’s mapping features
  • Leverage existing plans to drive successful communications
  • Capture and consolidate information
  • Monitor response statuses during a simulation or incident


  • Save time and reduce administration effort by entering team and contact information in only one system
  • Reduce training by allowing users to work in the system they’re familiar with
  • Improve message speed and accuracy through automation
  • More precise crisis and mass communication management
  • Improved efficiency for plan and program owners

reduce administrative effort

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