Business Resiliency Solutions

Digitally transform your program from static documents, unmanageable spreadsheets, and ineffective methods. We offer flexible and scalable solutions for integrated risk management, business continuity management, IT disaster recovery management, crisis and incident management, and third-party management.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

Advance your program by establishing a comprehensive approach

Keeping essential aspects of your organization functioning during disruptive events is important but doing so in a siloed environment is not practical. Managing a program means much more than conducting annual BIAs, developing plans, and running exercises. Successfully manage your program in one system with Fusion.

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Crisis and Incident Management

Achieve faster response for a more efficient recovery

Disruptions can cause significant impact to an organization. Having timely and accurate data gives you the ability to manage any crisis or incident. Protect your brand, minimize financial impact, recover successfully, and reduce negative organization impact with Fusion.

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Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s risks

Risks are constantly evolving with new risks developing all the time. Assessing, treating, and monitoring risks in a comprehensive program is no longer feasible in spreadsheets and static documents. Create one information foundation that spans all areas of risk and business continuity management to build a truly integrated program. Incorporate all the information you need into one system and engage resources securely with Fusion.

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Third-Party Management

Gather information faster and streamline processes

Managing information from many internal and external resources has become more and more complex in today’s business environment. Assessing third-party vendors properly is critical to maintaining the standards your customers count on. Your brand and reputation are at stake with each third-party you choose to work with. Simplify third-party management by automating processes and managing all of the pieces in one comprehensive system.

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IT Disaster Recovery Management

IT Disaster Recovery Management

Engage everyone quickly to respond effectively

Access to people, information, and resources is critical during both minor incidents and major disasters. The ability to recover quickly can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major disruption. Manage IT resources more effectively by aligning with business process recovery requirements. Develop detailed plans and runbooks and integrate directly with your IT system management solution for efficiency during exercises and incidents.

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