#1 Provider for True Business Resilience

Move beyond static documents, outdated assessments, and ineffective tests and exercises. Embrace the industry's #1 provider to gain dynamic and adaptable capabilities for true business resilience. Our offerings include business continuity management, integrated risk management, incident response, safety, and security.


Business Continuity Management

Advance your program by establishing a risk-based approach

Establishing a business continuity management program requires evolving beyond traditional approaches and legacy tools. Successfully managing a program means much more than conducting annual BIAs, developing plans, and running exercises. Become more effective, more efficient, and more relevant with the Fusion Framework System.

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Crisis and Incident Management

Achieve faster response and recovery with greater confidence

Disruptions can cause significant business impact, requiring that you have an effective incident management programs. The need to demonstrate effective incident management capabilities through real-world exercises and complex simulations is quickly replacing traditional tabletops. Evolve beyond these approaches with Fusion.

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Integrated Risk Management

Gain a comprehensive view of risk across multiple agendas

The Fusion Framework System incorporates risk agendas into a comprehensive solution to streamline assessments, reduce work effort, engage the enterprise, and deliver clear and consistent understanding of the risks and impacts that can disrupt business operations.

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Third-Party Management

Gather information faster and automate processes

Managing information from many internal and external resources is complex in today’s business environment. Streamline third-party management and manage vendor risk in your supply chain with Fusion.

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Incident Response, Safety, and Security

Engage everyone quickly to respond effectively

Access to people, information, and resources at time of crisis is critical for incident commanders, first responders, executives, and other key stakeholders throughout your organization. Your ability to provide situational awareness to the right people at the right time can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major disruption.

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