Imagine a runner on a treadmill following a preset workout program. When the treadmill speeds up to a more challenging high-intensity phase, the runner will stay in sync if she is prepared for changing conditions. A business trying to remain competitive and profitable in today’s world is like the runner trying to keep pace with the machine. If the business is prepared for adverse events, the organization can take it in stride and keep moving forward. If a business is not prepared, then it will experience disruption and impact – and, like a runner who may stumble or fall, the business may find it difficult or costly to recover.

Executives may assume their business continuity program ensures the business is resilient and prepared for adversity, but if they believe any of these seven common misconceptions, the organization may be at considerable risk.

This guide will give you some of the misconceptions about business continuity management and how taking the right approach can improve your program.

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