[Webinar] Monitoring Critical Third Parties

Posted on: February 10, 2021 by Fusion Risk Management


A new year means a fresh start and perspective on how the year will progress. 2020 made it clear that resilience practitioners need to be flexible and open to new strategies.

According to Gartner, “71 percent of organizations report their third-party network contains more third parties than it did three years ago.” With this increase, monitoring third parties is critical for running a successful organization. It is important to mitigate pervasive risks associated with the organizations providing you key products or services so you can continue to be resilient.

In this webinar, Alex Toews, Risk Solutions Manager, will discuss:
· Core pieces of a third-party risk management lifecycle − from onboarding to termination
· How initial onboarding and risk tiering can help identify which third parties are most critical
· The importance of utilizing targeted data, reports, and dashboards to respond to risk events
· Out-of-the-box functionality that the Fusion Framework provides to enhance your program


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