Webinar: Managing Third-Party Risk During and After a Pandemic

Posted on: May 19, 2020 by Fusion Risk Management


managing third-party risk during and after a pandemic

As new insights are continually evolving, organizations around the world are trying to plan and develop their strategies for returning to the new “normal.” Some may be further along in the process than others, but organizations must take into consideration that their third-parties (i.e., vendors) and related supply chain ecosystems are facing the same challenges.

In this webinar, Fusion Risk Management’s TJ Kuhny, Vice President of Product Marketing, Alex Toews, Risk Solutions Manager, and Anna Kornesczuk, Advisory Consultant, will discuss:

  • Third-party due diligence, identifying risks/controls and conducting assessments
  • Ongoing monitoring of third-parties and the importance of dependency mapping
  • Managing vendors in a “post-COVID-19” environment
  • Strategies to protect customers, shareholders and employees from third-party risks

The relationships you have with your vendors are critical to your organization. Our platform, the Fusion Framework® System ensures that your strategic vendors become a part of your success. Interested in seeing a personalized demonstration? Get in touch with a representative!

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