Enable larger teams to participate and respond in the company

Access to people, information and resources at time of crisis is critical for incident commanders, first responders, executives and other key stakeholders throughout your organization. Your ability to provide situational awareness by engaging with the right people at the right time can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major disruption.


Discover What's Possible with Fusion


Improve outcomes by providing an engaging integrated solution for every single person in your organization to receive and share information at time of need


Extend access to your incident command system to enable a larger team to participate in response and recoveries


Gather information about any situation from anyone at any time

Enable every person to receive critical information needed and take action

Tie all enterprise communications to an incident or exercise in progress, storing everything in an information foundation for analysis and push-of-a-button reporting

Keep people informed and provide a channel for a two-way dialogue from any mobile device and engage your users without formal training


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Fusion's software and services enable enterprise organizations to establish and enhance incident response capabilities to effectively engage the right people with relevant information when needed.