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7 Misconceptions Guide

Imagine a runner on a treadmill following a preset workout program. When the treadmill speeds up to a more challenging high-intensity phase, the runner will stay in sync if she is prepared for changing conditions. A business trying to remain competitive and profitable in today’s world is like the runner trying to keep pace with the machine. If the business is prepared for adverse events, the organization can take it in stride and keep moving forward. If a business is not prepared, then it will experience disruption and impact – and, like a runner who may stumble or fall, the business may find it difficult or costly to recover.

Business Impact Management Guide

Business impact assessments are a traditional and commonly used approach in defining the focus of business continuity programs. Unfortunately, while organizations have historically been good at identifying exposures, many have struggled to prioritize and manage those exposures effectively. By following these ten steps to business impact management, you can transform your organization, improve resiliency, and better manage exposures.


Executive Guide

Business continuity management programs are becoming increasingly important as organizations seek to remain safe and resilient. But do your executives understand business continuity risk? Do they understand how your program should be managed? This guide will prepare you for a more productive discussion with your executives and a more effective approach to the process of business continuity management.

Magic Quadrant Report

For the fourth year in a row, Gartner again names Fusion the leader in its 2017 Magic Quadrant report for business continuity management software.

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Organizational Knowledge Guide

Organizational knowledge – it’s not a term commonly associated with business continuity, resilience, or disaster recovery, but it is a critical component. Companies should consider five major factors when compiling and organizing all of their components into one repository and dashboard that integrates information from multiple sources into a unified display, an approach we view as a “single pane of glass.”

Success Guide

What you do is important! But being able to ensure the flow of products and services under adverse conditions is no easy feat. Plans are not enough. This guide will help you redefine business continuity management so you can be more successful.