Business Continuity Management Redefined

The Fusion Framework System is the leading BCMS that positions you to be successful by putting you in command and control of your program from preparation through operation and execution, providing you a single pane of glass view to manage every aspect of your program. The Fusion Framework System redefines business continuity management by empowering you to actively manage the business impact of any situation rather than focus on creating static plans that provide a false sense of preparedness.


Grow Your Program

Business Continuity Preparation

 Go beyond planning by capturing actionable information and creating strategies that prepare your people for any situation and maintain dynamic plans of any type across your entire organization in a single system.


Innovation with a Clear Purpose: Your Success

Regardless of the maturity of your program, whether just starting, or looking to take your program to new levels of sophistication; everything is possible with the Fusion Framework System.


Flexible, Powerful Information and Organizational Model

Ultimately configurable to align to your business needs, not the other way around.

Information-Centric, Not Plan-Centric

Understand your organization and manage business impact with a system that puts up-to-date actionable information at your fingertips.

An Enterprise Class System that You Can Trust

Built on the leading enterprise-class application platform,, Fusion can simply do more and provide you peace of mind.


Manage Impact from a Single Pane of Glass

One inclusive solution that allows you to manage all risks, strategies and, plans, coordinate exercises, incidents, and orchestration with IT and other groups all through the same software.

Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards

Turn critical data from every phase, preparation to operations, into powerful reports and dashboards that provide all level of leadership a powerful view of your program’s effectiveness.

Configurable to Your Needs

Featuring point and click functionality, customizing the system as your program grows is easy and immediately available everywhere.


Tailored Experience for Stakeholders

Engage key stakeholders more effectively through custom user profiles and access levels.


Think Differently – Embrace Business Impact Management

Go beyond the traditional BIA process and discover the power of Business Impact Management by leveraging the Fusion Framework System to build a more complete business impact profile.

The Fusion Framework System’s ability to gather and connect information will allow you to understand your organization’s risks in a whole new way. 

Interested in learning more about Business Impact Management?  Download the BIM guide.

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