Achieve faster response and recovery times with more predictable outcomes and greater confidence for success.

Establish & Enhance Capabilities
Orchestrate Recovery
Command & Control Through a "Single Pane Of Glass"
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Establish & Enhance Capabilities

Conducting tests and exercises can be disruptive, time consuming, and rarely reflects the complex and varied nature of actual incidents or crisis events. Limited testing of individual plans and simplistic exercises is typically all an organization can accomplish with limited resources and inadequate tools.  When an actual incident occurs, outcomes can be unpredictable.

Fusion enables organizations to conduct exercises and simulations, and effectively manage incidents to achieve faster recovery times with more predictable outcomes and higher confidence for success.


Orchestrate Recovery

Recovery "orchestration" techniques deliver better simulations and more predictable outcomes during actual crisis events.  During a crisis event, integrating multiple plans, coordinating numerous teams, and staying on track is challenging even for the most experienced practitioners.

Flexibly activate multiple plans, gain situational awareness, orchestrate multiple workstreams, and integrate with ENS and ITSM systems.  Alert and engage every employee to ensure safety and security throughout the organization.


Command & Control through a "Single Pane Of Glass"

  • Set up exercises and simulations faster.
  • Capture key metrics to drive predictable results.
  • Track and manage activities and milestones through to completion.
  • Orchestrate activities across response and recovery teams.
  • Save templates to jump start actual events.
  • Evolve through participation in exercises and simulations.
  • Ensure timing, sequence and decision-making for success.
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Expert Resources

Whether your focus is Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis/Incident Management, or any number of Integrated Risk Management agendas, success as a leader requires command of your program and control over the outcomes.

Fusion Risk Management provides award-winning software and services to transform your current activities into a Continuity Risk Management program that is effective, efficient, and economical.



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