Achieve faster response and recovery with greater confidence

Disruptions can cause significant business impact, putting Incident Management programs under pressure. The need to establish effective Incident Management capabilities through real-world exercises and complex simulations is quickly replacing traditional approaches. Evolve beyond these approaches with Fusion.


Discover What's Possible with Fusion


Direct and monitor incident response and exercise activities from a single system leveraging all of your tools and technologies


Quickly visualize dependencies, determine potential impacts, and select only the plans that apply to the current situation


Adjust your response as the situation unfolds by making real-time changes

  • Streamline and automate administrative tasks to ensure accurate information and up-to-date plans
  • Dramatically reduce the time and effort to prepare for exercises reflecting real-world scenarios
  • Identify plan improvements as a part of the incident or exercise

Engage everyone as needed with targeted communications and two-way information sharing


Evolve your plans from experience by tracking activities and issues and reporting results


Flow results easily into improved plans and incident management best practices


Choose Success

  • The Fusion Framework System delivers comprehensive planning and incident management capabilities
  • Our Connector Series delivers deep integration with Emergency Notification Systems and data synchronization with ITSM and enterprise systems bringing all information together
  • The Enterprise Community delivers purpose-built, two-way communications with everyone in your organization for alerts, situation reports, file sharing, and more
  • Fuel Advisory Consulting Services deliver the guidance, best-practices, and resources to quickly advance and transform your program