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[Webinar] Why it’s More Beneficial to Manage Overall Risk Versus Vendors

May 24 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

Why it's More Beneficial to Manage Overall Risk Versus Vendors Social Card

Although organizations understand the importance of managing the risks that they are subjected to by their third-party relationships, the truth is that not all threats are created equal, and not all risk management efforts are driving impactful risk mitigation. The question, now, is: how are you assessing and measuring the different levels of risk that you may be subjected to, and how are you protecting your most critical business and process functions to ensure resilience in the face of disruption?   

Join Fusion’s webinar to hear:

  • Considerations to better identify, measure, and mitigate risks posed by third-party service providers in critical risk areas
  • Why it’s more beneficial to manage overall risk versus vendors
  • Examples of how you can drive smarter third-party risk management decisions by connecting your third parties to your operational ecosystem
  • How customers are identifying and protecting their most critical assets using Fusion’s third-party risk and resilience functionality
  • Answers for questions that you may have about Fusion’s third-party risk capabilities
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