Engage Your Entire Organization and Improve Outcomes

Your organization is complex and diverse. The threats it faces are clear and present. Even with the best of plans, your ability to execute at time of crisis will depend on your ability to engage not only your core team but all stakeholders.

With Enterprise Community, you will engage every employee, on demand, in a two-way dialogue, delivering information where and when it is most needed.

 Fusion Enterprise Community screen shot on laptop and mobile

Extend the Power of Your Program for Better Outcomes

Enterprise Community complements the Fusion Framework® System and extends your ability to be in command and control of each situation.

 Fusion Enterprise Community screenshot on laptop and mobile

Key File Access

Provide a centralized library of critical plan documents, policies, files, and evacuation guides, securely accessible even in a full company outage.


Enhance your communication strategy with a centralized message board for employees to view alerts from anywhere.

Situation Reports

Improve situation awareness by allowing front-line employees to easily submit information in a mobile chat app to maximize security and safety.

Update Contact Details

Reach employees using up-to-date contact details they can enter from their mobile app, supplementing your HR information.

Real-Time Incident Management

Engage more personnel to fully participate in exercises or incidents by providing role-based access.


Engage Employees in a Two-Way Dialogue Anywhere

Equip your employees with a mobile app that has the tools they need to report from the field, ask for help, improve situational awareness, and drive collaboration for improved safety, security, and incident response.


Expand Coverage for Exercises and Incidents

Enable a broader team to participate in exercises and incidents so you are fully prepared. Keep your organization engaged and informed during an incident by sharing critical information and updates. Share alerts, files, and the full incident dashboard in a mobile app that works with any device from anywhere.


Choose Success. Choose Fusion.

Learn how the power of Enterprise Community can position your program for success.