Engage your entire organization

Gathering input from and sharing information with a variety of constituencies is a requirement to successfully manage risk in today’s multi-faceted organizations. Our Community Connector allows you to connect with all of these resources, from internal communities to third parties.

  • Share targeted information in the most secure way with communities based on their unique needs
  • Engage third-parties, executives, and larger teams of incident participants to directly access and contribute to your Fusion information foundation
  • Streamline your processes and reduce reliance on email, spreadsheets, and other standalone tools
 Fusion Enterprise Community screen shot on laptop and mobile

Connect with your Communities

Extend the Fusion Framework System to communities that are critical to your success. Receive input from and share information with a wide array of users that can share vital information as they become part of your risk management team. Utilize Community Connector to engage your entire organization in a secure and personalized way. Community Connector enables you to bring many different groups of light-touch users into the Fusion Framework System.

 Fusion Enterprise Community screenshot on laptop and mobile

A Tailored System

Deliver specific user experiences for different needs through a flexible system


Access the Community Connector securely from anywhere.

Improved Workflow

Automate your programs with easy reminders and alerts

No Training Required

Enable and encourage information sharing within the organization without any special training

A Centralized Information Base

Integrate all data gathering and sharing efforts within one system to maximize efficiency and effectiveness


Choose Success. Choose Fusion.