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Posted on: May 17, 2020
Author: Fusion Risk Management

Business Continuity Isn't Boxed-In at Box

Cloud-content platform centralizes data and matures business continuity program

Box is a cloud content platform for the modern age. For the past 12 years, they have made it easier for people to securely share ideas, collaborate, and get work done faster. Their mission is to transform the way people and businesses work so they can achieve their greatest ambitions.

Box was struggling because they didn’t have a singular source of accurate, reliable data. As a result, they had to spend valuable time pulling information from various systems or departments. They needed a one stop shop where they’d be able to visualize and meet their strategic objectives while continuing to support the company’s core values.

The Fusion Framework® System allows Box to tailor the system to meet its needs and goals so it can scale and develop as it grows. 

Company Highlights

74,000 businesses

Enterprise Content Management Platform

41 Million Users

59 percent of the Fortune 500

What was your primary incentive in choosing Fusion for your business continuity solution?

We wanted something that we could drive and make our own. That was the key: making it our own. Other systems don’t allow you to do that. You’re stuck with what you’re given, and that can get very frustrating, very quickly. Being able to tailor a system to our needs and goals so that we could scale and develop as we grow – as an organization and as a program – that was what attracted me to the Fusion Framework System.

You quickly deployed the Fusion Framework System across Box. What was the value of centralizing data?

A lot of organizations struggle because they don’t have a single source of accurate and reliable data. Usually, they have to go to various systems or departments and pull that information. With Fusion, it is all here – anything to do with risk, anything to do with incidents, vendors, reports, processes … you name it. It’s the central repository we are looking for as practitioners in this industry. It’s literally your one-stop shop.

How have people reacted to the centralization of data?

I tell people who are interested in the Fusion Framework System, “You will see a shift in the way people view data. Instead of you seeking information, everyone in the organization is going to come to you for data because you have everything all in one place: easily accessible, accurate, and structured in a way to provide the data they’re looking for.”

Since 2005, Box, a modern content management platform, has made it easier for people to securely share ideas, collaborate, and get work done faster. In the same way that the company transforms the way people and organizations work so they can achieve their greatest ambitions, Renuka Darbha, Director of Business Continuity & Enterprise Risk Management for Box, knew that their business continuity and risk management program needed to be transformed.

Her ambitions were clear: discard the static plans in Word and Excel that they had been using, along with the manual processes that consumed time and resources. Bring in centralization, automation, workflow capabilities, the ability to handle mass changes, solid reporting features, and audit tracking.

How has the reporting ability of the Fusion Framework System been important at Box?

We can develop and write plans as much as we want, but, at the end of the day, we need to take those metrics and show the business organization or the leadership the value of what we’re doing. This system can do that. We have the ability to create and customize reports that give accurate, reliable, actionable data for various audiences that enable them to make informed, confident decisions.

How do you see using the Fusion Framework System to continue growing your program?

At Box, we are currently using the Fusion Framework to help us prepare for some major impacting initiatives, like GDPR. We see ourselves doing more within the Fusion Framework for tracking metrics, helping other teams capture data, and leveraging information we already have, thus continuing to build and grow our current system.

Describe your role in the Fusion community and the value the community has.

My role within the Fusion community is more than that of a typical vendor-customer relationship. I am involved as a regional user group advisory committee member, as a speaker at the regional user groups, and as a speaker at Fusion’s Innovation Days. I have been able to build my network, reach out to other industries, and learn from them, all because I’m part of this Fusion community – impactful, inspiring, and dynamic.

How would you summarize the impact of the Fusion Framework System on Box?

The Fusion Framework System isn’t just about enhancing our process and our workflows. It’s about aligning our programs to meet all of our regulatory requirements and our customer needs. It’s about making it easy for all the business functions that are part of this process. Most of all, it’s about bringing everything together for the organization so that we have visibility into how to meet our strategic objectives, and so that we can continue to support our company’s core values.

  • We tailor the system to our needs and goals as our company continues to grow.
  • We empower our workers with an Information Foundation containing centralized data that is accessible, accurate, and organized.
  • We deliver reports and metrics that give insightful, actionable data so that leadership can make informed, confident decisions.
    We explore new initiatives that can be accomplished through deep risk assessments and rigorous business continuity planning.
  • We leverage the Fusion Framework System to support our company’s core values.

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